To the Mom with “that” Kid

To the mom with “that” Kid

This kid right here, he’s my challenge. He’s my “pull my hair out, scream at the top of my lungs, I’m going to lose my mind” kid. Even though he drives me INSANE, I will tell you one thing….this kid LOVES and loves hard. His first words in the morning, as he rolls over and opens his eyes, are “Mommy, I missed you.” His imagination is beautiful and his soul is free. To know him is to love him (and to know him is rare).

Shout out to all the Mommy’s with “one of those” kids. The kid that causes a scene in public. The kid that makes other adults (and yourself) question your abilities as a mother. The kid that sometimes is hard to like.

Others may question my son’s future. They may label him as a “problem” child. But you know what I see? I see a leader. I see a passionate thinker. I see a kid that is going to do great things!

What’s my plan for this little one? I’m going to channel that energy! I’m going to find what’s he’s passionate about in life and make sure he’s involved in whatever that may be. Not all kids are the same. Not all kids follow directions . That’s okay!!! Mama, make sure you appreciate that stubbornness! It truly is a trait of a great individual! I see you and I see your “wild” child….and I already love them! #thatkid #freespirit #wild #fun #amazing #ModifyingMommy

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