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My story is about a new Mommy who took on the world. I was energetic and able to do anything (and everything) with nothing but a cup of coffee and a prayer. I thought I was SuperMom. I thought I was invincible. My world came crashing down, however, when my body couldn’t handle the stress and abuse. Natural Health saved me!

I’ve always considered myself a relatively healthy person.  I was a VERY active child with A LOT of energy!   I swam competitively from the age of 6 to 14 and played varsity soccer in high school.  Even in college, I continued to exercise, eat reasonably healthy, and take care of myself.  After having my first daughter, Presley, my self-care routine went out the window.


Master’s Graduation, May 2014

During my first five years of mommyhood, I somehow managed worked full-time while taking college classes, endured three pregnancies, juggled newborns/toddlers, survived my 1st year of teaching, and  (by the Grace of God) completed two college degrees. Lainey (my middle child) was two weeks old when I walked down the aisle to receive my Bachelors Degree in Elementary Education.   A few years later I completed my graduate’s degree. At the time of graduation (May 16th, 2014) I was 9 months pregnant with my third child. Tears filled my eyes as I walked (waddled) the line to accept my Master’s diploma. A short 12 days later (May 28th, 2014), I gave birth to my son, Wyatt. 

In June of 2014, 1 month after Wyatt was born, I began not to feel as lively as I once did. I had no energy and every time I ate (especially if I ate junk food) I would become dizzy, lightheaded and have an overall feeling of being unwell. I just brushed it off thinking I hadn’t fully recovered from pregnancy.  After a few weeks, things quickly became worse.  Symptoms would come and go such as extreme fatigue, vertigo, tinnitus, pressure in my head (especially the left side), ear pain, dry mouth/skin, anxiety attacks, pain in my joints, tingling/numbness in my extremities, and scariest of all, brain fog. To make it even worse, I was catching every sickness known to man.  I decided it was time to go to a doctor.  I ended up having to see SEVERAL doctors (3 general practitioners, gynecologist, hematologist, ENT) and had several tests run (CT, ENG, Audiometry exam, brain MRI, Ultrasounds, Hida scan), as well as tons of blood work.  I was diagnosed with Leukopenia, (decreased number of white blood cells) and what is called “Cookie bite hearing loss,” which wasn’t a concern, they (doctors) said.  It also was determined that my gallbladder was borderline low functioning. 

After being told my gallbladder was out of whack, they sent me to a Gastroenterologist.  He decided, without further testing, I needed to have my gallbladder removed.  I was a little skeptical, but the doctor assured me that it was the best decision. I complied and had surgery on December 26th, 2015.  After the procedure, I was so optimistic that things would improve. Two months later, however, my symptoms were still occurring as if nothing had changed. 

I ended up going to another Gastroenterologist.  After listening to my symptoms, he said, “How old are you, 30? You shouldn’t be going through this at this age.”  He then explained he would like to do an upper GI, colonoscopy, and blood testing to check for some things (IBS, leaky gut, Crohn’s disease, milk intolerance,  Celiac disease). As you can imagine, our doctor bills were already HUGE!  I wanted to have the tests run, but the financial aspect was overwhelming. I scheduled the procedures and left with a heavy heart.

I woke up around 3 a.m. the morning before I was expected to have the upper GI and colonoscopy. I sat in the living room and reflected on my ongoing health battle.  My body was shutting down, and after visiting all these doctors, I received little to no help. They ran their expensive and time-consuming tests, would find no results, and then proceed to send me to the next,  even more costly, “test-running” doctor. It was a never ending cycle. At that point, I decided I was going to take matters into my own hands.

I wrote down EVERY symptom, researched their causes, and then looked for ways these symptoms could be alleviated (or cured) with natural intervention. After a few hours of investigating, I called the hospital and canceled my Upper GI and colonoscopy. I told myself, “If I’m going to spend money, it’s going to be on something that will heal and improve my health…..not on a doctor that will brush me off or mask my problem was medicine.” 

4thprelainmeI am honored to say that after a few months, my health significantly improved.  At this time, I am only using natural supplements, watching my diet, and exercising.  My energy levels are better than before, and old symptoms rarely occur (with some disappearing). I am NOT completely cured and still have bad days.  I get busy, like every Mommy, and slack off, especially with my diet. Taking care of myself is a full-time job, and I have to be very mindful of things I eat as well as what I’m exposing myself to in the environment. 

I now realize that my body was turning against itself.  It was damaged from years of toxins and chemicals. It was so hurt, in fact, that I wasn’t taking enough nutrients from foods.  My symptoms were a result of depletion. My body was screaming to be healed. Instead of listening when it sent me “annoying” signals (headache, thirst, lack of energy), I ignored the warnings.  I ignored them so long that the only thing my body could do was break down.  It had no more to give and needed rest and nutrition.

This situation was an expensive, scary, frustrating, and overall LOUSY experience. I would go through it 1,000 more times, though.  WHY?  It taught me a precious lesson.  It showed me that depriving, overexerting, and pushing yourself to the limit results in illness.  Also, abusing and neglecting your body will ALWAYS cause health problems, sooner or later. My five years of no sleep, extreme stress, junk food dependency and disregard for my needs, caught up with me. 

It is imperative to understand the importance of prevention.  Many people think living a natural life is strange, silly, or just plain stupid.  When I try to explain the dangers of cleaners, beauty products, foods, medicines, many roll their eyes and are just mean. “That’s ridiculous.  I grew up just fine,” they may say, or, “It’s all in your head.  You’re just paranoid.” If you think this way, I ask you to please consider my story. My illness was a result of extreme lack of care for my needs.  I had been a healthy and vibrant person for most of my life.  It only took five short years of bad food, lack of concern, and abuse for me to break down.  Our world is full of chemicals. Everything we touch is full of dangerous ingredients. Our bodies, let alone our children’s bodies, are NOT equipped to handle the poisons we put it against daily. Everyone may seem “okay” now, but what about in 10 to 15 years? What will show up then?

By limiting exposure of synthetic items (including store-bought cleaners, beauty products, and FOODS), I am lowering the chances (by 50%) of my family having a diagnosis of a chronic disease in the future. Also, using natural products have been shown to help build the immune system, which in turn will protect from common colds, flu, fever, allergies, and other minor health conditions.  

I’m not perfect.  I still use candy and junk food as a bribe and a “peacekeeper.”  I still occasionally use commercial poisonous death cream (sunscreen) and pesticide in a can (cleaners). Changing your life is one thing you are in control of life. You don’t have to do it all at once, slow and steady is the key! I have chosen to take control of my family’s future and take control of our health.  I am “Modifying Mommy” one small step at a time to help protect my loved ones and me!  You can too!  




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