Body Break Down

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Body Break Down

by Brittany King

You’re driving down the road on a warm day with the breeze in your hair and the radio up.  Suddenly, a cloud rolls in and it begins to rain.  You quickly roll up the window and switch on the AC. Squeak, Squeak, Squeak, Squeak, SQUEAK!  What in the world is that sound? Panic floods your body!  Is my car going to break down? Am I going to be stranded? Is it going to BLOW UP?  You drive yourself straight to the shop.  After a few minutes, the mechanic tells you the diagnosis. You need a new AC belt. Without hesitation, you give him the go to replace the belt. As you wait, you reflect and wonder how this could have been prevented. You think, “Maybe that’s why my car overheated that day” and tell yourself, “The power steering was malfunctioning…..I should have known something was wrong.”  Within an hour the belt is replaced and you’re back on the road. 

Our body is a lot like a car. Just as your vehicle gives you warnings(overheating), so does your body.  When something’s wrong, internally, you may first get headaches, be slightly fatigued, or have a fever.  If no changes are made these small annoyances, which didn’t cause much disruption in your life, can quickly become more serious.  Your once mild symptoms then begin to mutate into more dangerous (and hard to manage) issues such as chronic fatigue, unbearable pain and more. 

What would have happened if you have ignored the squeaking and kept driving your car that day?  Your car would have eventually broken down, right?  The same thing happens when we ignore our body. Symptoms that occur, especially more than once, are messages from within, warning you that something bad is coming. If you don’t take the time to maintain what is wearing down inside of you, unfortunately, your body is going to breakdown. 


The human body is an amazing creation!  In the 846,000 seconds we live each day, our body is constantly at work.  Each part syncs together, similar to a machine, to ensure all is functioning properly.  Human anatomy is made up of 11 systems, which all have specialized functions.  The different systems are:

system chart 3 system chart q system chart5

If a machine brakes down the mechanic tries first to find the source of the problem. He may have to inspect every nut and bolt, but for the car to be repaired he must find the cause.  The same procedures apply to your body. Your doctor (the mechanic) considers all the symptoms. He begins by looking at what problem occurs the most and/or is more severe, and then starts digging.  This digging is where the CAT scans, Hida scans, blood work, and so on, factor into the situation. By using the variety of scans tests doctors are able to narrow down which body system is being compromised. A mechanic will not use the same tools Most diseases are linked to an individual body system.  For instance:

Muscular System – Muscular Dystrophy.

Nervous system – Alzheimer’s Disease.

Respiratory system – Emphysema.

Skeletal system – Osteoarthritis

Integumentary (skin)system – Psoriasis.

Cardiovascular system – Congestive Heart Failure.

Endocrine system – Diabetes

Lymphatic system – Lymphoma

Reproductive system – Cervical cancer

Urinary system – Kidney stones.

Digestive system – Ulcerative colitis

Once individuals are diagnosed with a certain disorder or disease doctors tend to write a prescription targeting the problem. This can be very dangerous to your health. Why? According to Suzy Cohen, RPH (registered pharmacist), and author of Drug Muggers, believes that more than half of American medicines deplete specific nutrients in the body. According to Cohen,  these drugs can “mug” you by quickly taking necessary vitamins, minerals, and beneficial bacteria in the gut.  For example, overuse and continuous use of antibiotics can potentially deplete the following, causing possible harm to the included body systems:


(Axe, 2016, p.144-145)

Over half of pharmaceuticals used in America have shown to cause an increase in severity and diagnosis of disabilities, chronic issues within body systems, as well as constant discomfort.  According to Barbara Starfield, MD, of the Johns Hopkins School of Hygiene and Public Health, reported 290 people a day die from adverse effects of medications (483-485).

How many people have seen the drug commercials for things like depression, fatigue, multiple sclerosis, and so on? They tell you how great the product is in the beginning and then quickly begin to ramble on with the HUGE list of possible side effects.  The problem is that while targeting one problem area, they’re causing toxicity in others.  Why risk these issues? Choose pure and natural ingredients to supplement and support your health. You wouldn’t replace your car belt with the belt you wear around your waist, right? Why…..because the belt you wear was not MADE for your engine, just like synthetic medications and other items weren’t made for your body.  Using the wrong items for your issue will eventually break down your car just like they will your health and well-being.

Focus on the system

When focusing on the systems of your body it is important to remember that overall balance is the key.  Making sure all areas of the body are well managed and have the support and nutrients it needs is the key to wellness. Remember, if you are suffering from an illness, disease, or injury always to consult a health care practitioner when making any changes to your medical routine.   

Many foods, vitamins, supplements, and oils have shown to help support and improve the function of our bodies.  Make sure to choose natural, organic, and high-quality products in order to reap the best benefits for your health.  See the links below, and continue checking out Modifying Mommy each week for more health and wellness tips, natural supplements, recipes, and other items to help keep your body is tip, top working order.

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