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Get it Done with the “all-in-one”

When I think of an “all-purpose” cleaner one scenario comes to mind.  It’s 4:15pm on a Friday afternoon.  You’ve collapsed on the couch after a hard week and decided that the mountain of clothes in the hamper, pile of dishes in the sink, crushed goldfish on the floor, and mystery gunk on the coffee table can stay there until tomorrow.   You feel a hard mass poking into your right kidney. You then reach back to discover it’s the T.V. remote.  This definitely is a sign, from above, that “Netflix and Chill” is tonight’s destiny.  After a 5 minute search, due to a never-ending list of cartoons and kids shows, you finally hit the button to begin your favorite episodes. Suddenly your husband walks in, with a confused look on his face.  “You did remember my parent’s are in town this weekend, right? They’ll be here at 6:00.”  

Has this ever happened to you?  What did you do? I normally throw a small tantrum (whine, complain, cry) and then hit crisis mode. I grab every toy, shoe, 2 day old sippy cup in record time. I fold and put a load of laundry away in less than 2 minutes.  I also take the name “all-purpose” cleaner a little TOO literally.  Each toilet, sink, cabinet, floor, and window is covered in toxins……..any surface with goo is not missed.  At 5:58pm, the house would be more presentable than it would be after a 6 hour Saturday cleaning session .  The house may be “guest ready,” but what would I be doing to my family?  What am I exposing them to because of my busy week?

 “A survey by the National Institute of Occupational Safety and health analyzed 2,983 chemical in personal care and cleaning products and determined that:

  • over 800 were toxic
  • nearly 800 caused acute toxicity (triggering a rapid reaction)
  • 314 caused a biological mutation in the living systems of the body
  • 376 caused skin and eye irritation 
  • 148 could cause tumors in laboratory animals
  • 218 caused reproductive complications (Axe,2016,p. 123-124)

This is a VERY scary concept to learn.  I used to think that my all-purpose cleaner was “safe” for everything.  It said it “cleans and deodorizes counter-tops, floors, tubs, and sinks.”  Unfortunately my naive self didn’t realize that the brand-name company wrote the above description only to sell this product to silly Mommies, like me.  The truth is that the ingredients in their all-purpose cleaner aren’t much different than a weed killer. Fortunately, I have woken up.  

All purpose cleaners are meant to be used as the name describes, for all purposes.   This can vary from the bathroom, kitchen, living room, floors, mirrors,  to rust removal.   The following recipes are great! Depending on the resources you have available and/or your ingredient preferences, you will be are able to pick and choose which recipe you prefer. It is SUCH a relief to know what I am using in my home is SAFE and EFFECTIVE!  Below are some of my favorite All-Purpose cleaners.


Thieve™ All-purpose Cleaner

“Modifying Mommy’s” FAVORITE All-Purpose Cleaner”

thieve cleaner

I have to include that this is my FAVORITE go to cleaning recipe!  I literally use it for EVERYTHING.  I use it in the bathroom, kitchen, car……I even spray it on my mattresses before I put on clean sheets.

To use: Pour ingredients in spray bottle and shake. Spray surface liberally and wipe clean.  (if times allows, I let sit for a few, then wipe)    



Tea Tree All-Purpose Cleaner

To use: Pour ingredients in spray bottle and shake. Spray surface liberally and wipe clean.   (if times allows, I let sit for a few, then wipe)  



Multi-purpose castile cleaner


To use: Pour ingredients in spray bottle and shake.  Spray surface liberally and wipe clean (if times allows, I let sit for a few, then wipe)



All-PURPOSE Vinegar/Baking Soda Cleaner

To use: Pour ingredients in spray bottle and shake. Spray surface liberally and wipe clean.    (if times allows, I let sit for a few, then wipe)


Do you have any non-toxic “all-purpose recipes” that you already use in your home?? Have Questions? Comment below!!!!                                                   

*Please take proper precautions and read EACH ingredients label for “proper use” and “care.” This will ensure  optimal benefits, performance, and safety for those using the products. 

*When using Essential Oils it is BEST to store items in dark glass or stainless steel containers. However, with small children around, glass can get a little dangerous.  Plastic can be an alternative, but make sure to research and use HIGH QUALITY products that can support the high potency of the oils.

*Before using any product perform a spot test in an inconspicuous place. Discontinue use in the event of staining or change in surface.


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