Natural Cleaning Toolkit

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What do I need in my Toolkit?

There are a few MUST HAVES when you start your transition to a non-toxic cleaning routine.   Below are some of the items I never go without!

1.Essential Oilsoils – These products have the power to jump-start your journey to health and wellness. Young Living brings natural products that you can use every day to keep your home and family clean and safe, all while avoiding dangerous toxins.


  • thieve cleanerThieves Cleaner – Young Living has an excellent cleaner and Thieves Cleaning Kit!  I use it DAILY!- Contact me                                   ( for more information




2. Baking Soda – A classic “green” cleaner known to dissolves grease and dirt.



3. White Vinegar – It’s cheap and hard of mildew, dirt, and bacteria.  Effective alone and when added to other natural products.


4. Castile Liquid Soap –  –  100% organic, effective ingredients that you can use in shampoos, soaps,   face washes, laundry, de-greasing, and so much more. Click below to see and purchase the “smell” you love the most.

Peppermint            Citrus Orange             Unscented              Lavender              Tea  Tree 


5.  Vegetable Glycerine– This solution is great a moisturizer. Can be used in skin care and self-care products.



6. Apple Cider Vinegar – An amazing product with an endless list of uses. Known for its non-toxic cleaning abilities as well as a weight loss, digestive, and anti-inflammatory properties.



7.Hydrogen Peroxide– A natural antiseptic that is ideal for personal and cleaning use.  A very powerful and inexpensive addition to your cleaning routine.


Coconut Oil

8. Coconut Oil – My favorite carrier oil!  I use coconut oil to for DIY beauty items, internal use, as well as cooking recipes. It’s a great all-purpose oil with significant health benefits.



Olive Oil 


9. Olive Oil – Popular, easy-to-find oil used in both topical and cooking.  Olive oil has great health benefits and is an excellent source of omega fatty acid.



The above items are some “basics” ingredients you may need to begin your cleaning and beauty natural health transition.  Now let’s move onto what type of “Do-it-Yourself Storage Containers” that you can use.


Do-it-yourself Storage


Try to use glass or stainless steel containers                         when using essential oils

Another part of your toolkit will be the type of storage containers you choose to use.  Several of your DIY items will include essential oils.One important tip to remember when using Essential Oils is to store items in dark glass or stainless steel containers; ESPECIALLY “hot” oils such as cinnamon, clove, thyme, and oregano and “citrus” oils such as orange, lemon, and grapefruit.  Due to their strong potency and purity  they have been known to erode plastics. Below are some approved containers for your oil concoctions. 

glass/stainless steel storage

4 oz Cobalt Blue Glass Bottles Fine Mist Sprayer – These bottles are compact enough to place your DIY natural products in your purse or place in a cabinet at home.  


 16 oz Glass Spray Bottle with Trigger Sprayer – This item is for cleaning sprays and disinfectant DIY cleaners.  Sturdy and works great!

 8 Oz. Glass Spray Bottles with Sprayer  -A smaller bottle that includes a sprayer as well as a cap for a variety of uses.


Cobalt Blue Plastic Jars – 8 oz containers for creams and pastes for cleaning.


Plastic Storage

Glass or stainless steel are always the BEST options, however, with small children around glass can get a little dangerous.  Here are some of the best plastic storage options for storing products with oils.

*If storing items with essential oils always use precautions.  if items are stored in plastic containers, make sure to always dilute oils.


8 Oz. – Plastic – Spray Bottles  – Durable essential oil safe, PET 8 oz bottles

16 oz Plastic Bottles – Can be used for Shampoos, conditioners creams, body lotions, and so much more. Can be used for diluted oil products.


 4 oz Plastic Jars with Black Lids – UV resistant 4 oz plastic jars with lids.



16 oz Plastic Bottle   – Larger 16 oz plastic bottle. Can be used for diluted oil products.


16 oz Plastic Jar Black -A larger jar with a lid for projects that need a little more room.



 Plastic Refillable Pump Bottle PET bottles are an excellent choice for many bath and body products such as hand soaps, hair care products and more.


Foaming Soap Dispenser – Foaming soap dispensers release less soap than regular liquid soap dispensers do, allowing users to achieve the same level of cleanliness with less soap.



Now that you have gathered your items for you “Natural Cleaning Toolkit” you are ready to get started!

Put your “tools” to work!  Click on the links below for some great DIY recipes for health/well and a natural home.

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