3 Steps to Natural Cleaning

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How can I switch to A natural cleaning routine? 

Changing a routine can be overwhelming for anyone…..especially a busy mom!  Let’s be honest….going to the store and picking up an “all-purpose” cleaner can be SO convenient. You use it, throw the bottle away, and get another when it’s gone. You must ask yourself, “Is convenience more important than my family’s health?” I don’t think so! In the following, you will learn 3 steps to natural cleaning that will quickly and easily “modify” your cleaning routine. (natural cleaning)


 Beginning a natural lifestyle is a little like starting over.  Everything you once did, thought, and believed, is suddenly crushed. You begin to realize that labels and slogans are all for a show (and profit). After researching more about the items and products in our homes, your eyes begin to open to the hidden truths of the American lifestyle. When I first started my transition into the natural health “world,” I was so uncertain about what was considered safe and unsafe.  I didn’t know what to believe or who to trust (The Dirty Truth about Cleaners). This takes us to the first step in modifying your cleaning routine: Research, Research, Research. (Natural Cleaning Toolkit)

Why is research so important? I know, research is time-consuming and monotonous.  All these people are telling you impressive facts and stories about their natural health journey, and you’re ready to change. As I reflect on my experiences with my health, I realize people gave me the tools to change.  People told me to try this or that (actually the very things that help me now), but I didn’t listen.  Why do you ask?

You will never truly understand the truth until you learn and discover it for yourself.

People can give you facts, a thousand times.  The majority of the time it’s ignored, or “given a shot” for a short amount of time (without commitment).  I completely understand………I have been there.  However, I honestly do not want you, or someone you love, to be in the health crisis, I went through a short time ago. In most cases, health issues can be supported and maintained with the use of oils and the natural way of living. So it’s imperative to seek and discover the truth for yourself!  (Natural Cleaning)

Take an inventory of current products

Cleaning Inventory List

Before you research, I would strongly suggest taking an inventory of all of your current products. Start a list with the most used products, first, and continue in order, down to the ones you use the least.  Make sure to include the exact name of the product.  For instance, write “Mr. Clean Multi Surface Cleaner with Febreze, Hawaiian Aloha™” instead of “Mr. Clean.”  Specific details matter when researching products.  The words, “with Hawaiian Aloha” could add SEVERAL health hazards!

Also, when listing the items, leave space in between each one. This allows room so you can jot down notes, for future reference.  By taking inventory, you are prepared to find the information, in one sitting, which will save time and energy in the long run.  

Find trustworthy and informative sources

Knowing the FACTS is important.  It’s always best to look for websites or books that site excellent sources or show they have done research on what they’re reporting. You can choose to look at the individual ingredients or research the safety of the products by name.  A great resource I found is Environmental Working Group’s website: specifically  http://www.ewg.org/guides/cleaners. 


EWG.org specializes in research concerning toxic chemicals in our everyday lives.

This website ranks commonly used household products, giving them a score of A to F (depending on the toxicity). If a product receives an “A,” it is considered relatively safe. As the letters get higher in the alphabet, the product associated has shown to be more toxic to our health.  Receiving an “F” is the most poisonous or dangerous.  You can choose to search a particular brand by typing the name in the search bar, OR you can click the “EWG’s Guide to Healthy Cleaning” tab and select what category (all-purpose, bathroom, kitchen) you would like to research.

 is my “go to” website when I want to find more information on an individual product. When you search an item, you are even shown which ingredients are included, as well as specifics on how they are dangerous to our body.  A quick and TRUSTWORTHY website to choose to get the facts you’re looking to find.

It’s also important to research what items you want to replace your current products.  I have included some all natural alternatives for DIY cleaning products in my Natural Cleaning Toolkit. All that is included in the toolkit are natural and safe! Essential oils are my main ingredient to the majority of my DIY products. They are safe and are great for cleaning (purchase essential oils here).  Once you know more about your current cleaning products you can move on to Step 2: Deciding which product to replace.


Remember: Take your natural health transition slowly so that you don’t become overwhelmed.

The 2nd step is to decide which specific items you would like to replace in your home.  I suggest only one or two at a time, instead of throwing everything out at once. If you’re like me, you jump in full force.  You begin by taking things to the extreme(throwing everything away), soon after, having panic attacks due to your brain being overloaded with information and responsibility. Try to choose only one or a couple items to replace. This will be less complicated, and in turn, will make you more willing to begin.     

The good product to substitute first would be an “all-purpose” cleaner.  My all natural, non-toxic, replacement product of choice is  “Thieves Cleaner,” which is part of the Young Living line.  It is my “go to” item for most things in my home. (Click the image below for my “All-Purpose” Thieves Cleaner recipe).  If you want something quick, safe, and effective, THIEVES™ cleaner is the way to go!!  It smells heavenly (cinnamon & spice) and will get even the nastiest, 4-day old goo, off any surface! (If you want information on HOW to get it comment below)!

Thieves Household Cleaner is a versatile product that provides exceptional home cleaning and purifying power.

 After choosing the item(s), you would like to replace you are ready for Step 3: Invest in supplies.


Out with the old and in the with new!!!  Toss those dangerous products in the trash and begin your new and improved life! Now that you’ve completed Step 2 you can now invest in the items you need.  During my transition, I made a “must have” list of things I always keep on hand for my cleaning, beauty, health, and wellness needs. Each is inexpensive and trust me, “A little goes a long way” with these products. I call it my “Natural Cleaning Toolkit.” (click to see my list)

natural cleaning toolkit

————–>Natural Cleaning Toolkit<————

These items are MUST HAVES for cleaning!  As soon as they are 1/2 full, I order more (even though it takes a while for that happen).  You will see, once you get started, that building your toolkit will SAVE money and your HEALTH.  

Now you’re ready to modify your cleaning routine

It’s as easy as 1,2,3!!! Dedicate 2 to 3 hours out of your day (or less) and you can start adjusting your cleaning routine.  Begin protecting your loved ones from the harsh chemicals in your home.  This is one of the best decision I have ever made.  My children’s immune systems are stronger, they are happier, and their emotional well-being and behaviors have improved. It’s worth doing!   Get started TODAY!




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